Attaching Gutters To Metal Roof

For over half a century the original roofing company has serviced the las vegas area.

Attaching gutters to metal roof. This avoids the risk of breaking or damaging the shingles. Installing metal roof gutters and downspouts if you decide to install gutters on your metal roof make sure to hire an experienced roofer. Cut the gutter to length with a hack saw or a miter saw with a carbide tip blade.

Not only does the weight of the gutter on the strapping cause potential damage to the bottom edge of your metal roof but you also have the issue of different metal types. Typically you ll need a. In older homes with roofs which have been subjected to the elements the straps will be secured on top of your roof s shingles rather than under them.

If the hangers are attached to the roof cut at the edge of the roof while leaving the screws attached on the roof so that it is not damaged. Decide whether you want to use metal or plastic gutter materials and determine the appropriate spacing between the gutter brackets. If they are not the ice will peel the hanger flat and the the gutters are useless.

Do it yourself suggests that metal strapping is a bad idea stating. You can then proceed with the steps to how to install gutters. Anytime i put gutters on a metal roof 14 years now i install the gutter with straps that attach to the roof rather than the fascia.

The original roofing company couples their experience with a steadfast commitment to exemplary customer service. If need be you can cut off the back of the gutter by a few inches to get the right dimensions. How to install gutters on a metal roof.

Armed with a drill long wood screws and the gutter materials attaching gutters to your metal roof can happen in 3 easy steps. If you re thinking of installing gutters on a metal roof there are a few points to note as you get ready for your new gutters. These are attached to the hidden hangers found inside your gutters and then secured directly to your roof.

So i alwasy use vampire hangers with 2 screws 1 1 2 long into the steel roof and. Make sure that you maintain the integrity of the roof as you install your gutters. Attaching the hangers to the rafter tails is a good idea if the hangers are screwed to the front lip of the gutter.

Attaching a gutter to metal roofing is a simple process so long as you have the wood rafter tails to screw gutter brackets into.

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